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July 17, 2007


christine devaney

i am sorry amie. i hope she gets feeling better soon. sweet thing. speaking of sweet things,how are the villagomez?


thank you...she hasn't been sick for sooo long it's a little wierd but then again we have been swimming in public pools!!???!!! The Village Peeps are doing very well and in their own abode now! It's a pretty cute place and I know Tab is very happy with it! It's a little bit away from us and with Ava sick I havn't been over since late last week. I think they are pretty happy about it though! :)


Thats so weird...Berkeley has gotten a fever twice this last week, and then thrown up...then an hour later she is fine. I think it was too much sun, but it broke my heart! Im sorry you have to go through that too!

stacy benintendi

sorry she's been sick, there is just nothing fun about that. i'm glad she's doing better.

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