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July 22, 2007


christine devaney

so so cute how she interacts with tonka the giant dog. i need to see pics. she seems so small to control such a big dog. must be a funny sight. glad you are all healthy. happy pioneer day to you! i am happy our whole state doesn't shut down. um.... i noticed you want more heat? we have been averaging about 111 but it seems to be cooling due to monsoons. it poured buckets of rain the other night. crazy! have a good one.

Gma Patty

CUTE picture! You should run a contest and ask everyone what they think was going on or what would be a good caption for the picture. My thought was, "I'm up...but HOW do I get DOWN?" Those adorable little legs. Luv ya all...

stacy benintendi

so cute! i wish i could see her do all that cute stuff it sounds hilarious. oooh i have an idea, move to arizona. :)

my sister loves pioneer day cause she doesn't have to work. she says it's like having the fourth of july twice in one month. have a fun day!


OK -- just to clarify - when Ava says 'sit' -- it comes out more like 'sh*t' -- our baby cusses and she is not even 2!!!

: )

christine devaney

the doggy brings out the explitives in her! lol


Amie, its jeny. your little girl is super cute! I enjoy looking at your blog! oh.. and it's only about 112 here.

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