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October 24, 2007


stacy benintendi

these are so cute, i love walking! she looks so cute standing up. :) good luck with the bageek, it really is a pain to get rid of. we did tatum shortly after we moved here...it wasn't easy. :)

Gma Patty

I just knew the minute I left she would take off. How cute these pics are! And the shoes well, they make the outfit! When can I come back? I miss her already! Lv ya all;-)


Amie, SHE'S WALKING. When did this happen? She is a doll. Ava looks so happy with her self and man has she grown. I think the last time we saw Ava in person was a year ago @ Thanksgiving. We have together that's sooo sad it has been that long. Give Ava a big huge & kiss from her CA cousins. We love you and miss you.

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