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December 13, 2007



VERY CUTE!!!!!!!

stacy benintendi

sooo cute! my girls have a pink christmas tree in their room too. it is so much fun.


Oh I love it so much! I was thinking of doing that this year, but Berks would just knock it over...maybe next year!

Katie Dunn

OMG....The new banner is soooo cute! I just want to squeeze her...oh wait I can, on Monday!!! yay!

Gma Patty

ADORABLE! Both the sweet Merry Christmas smile on that cute little one and the PINK tree! Can't wait to come out and hug and kiss her in person! Lv ya all.


i have that tree too. but mine is light green. i like the pink one better.


So cute! I found this christmas store in Milan that was so amazing. It went on forever and ever. Each room featured a different theme and/or color. One was all reds, one whites, one golds, and then there was an under the sea room that had the most amazing ornaments that looked like fish, mermaids, shells, etc. The colors in that room were teal, green, and pink. SO CUTE! Anyways remeinded me of that.....

christine devaney

it looks so Heidi Swapp-esque! Darling Amie! I love the new banner too. Cute lil lady!

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