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June 07, 2008



SO CUTE!!! I love it...


I am so excited for you to buy a home. Can't wait to see it. I know it will be just beautiful. Perhaps you have grown partial to the "Ye Olde Throne" bathroom and will repaint it in the new house??? LOL And a new fridge and a playroom? So exciting. Please don't hesitate to call me, if I can be of help with moving or watching Ava or something.

I love the cheesy grin pics.

Could you e-mail me your home and cell #'s? When I dropped my phone in water, I lost all those. Or you can call/text my cell with them. Thanks love!

Grandma Margaret

I loved hearing Ava's voice today, when Ken called. It's great to have the fun (and funny) pictures of Ava. Congratulations on the house closing. I can hardly wait to see it. O-o-dles of love to ALL,
Grandma Margaret


I am a total stalker of your blog. I saw your hubby last night and told him. He said I had to start commenting. :) So, here I am commenting. I love seeing the pictures of Ava, she is so cute. Your house sounds wonderful. Have fun.

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